• Be Extra Careful With Asian Tattoos

    I will admit that I have wanted to get some sort of Asian type tattoo because I think the Asian symbols are really cool. Plus it is a great conversation piece because people will also want to know your tattoo says/means. But to be honest you have got to be super careful about what you get tattooed on you. Mainly, because there are a lot of cases where people get some Asian symbol tattooed on them thinking it means something to find out later that it means something completely different and often something embarrassing.

  • Copy Cat

    I’ve been thinking about this for a little bit, wondering if people think there is something wrong with copying someones tattoo design. The reason I bring this up is because there are a lot of people out there that will see a tattoo that a celebrity or other famous person has and will go out and get the very same one. I personally don’t think it is such a good idea. I mean tattoos are meant to be original and have meaning to the person that has them. To get a tattoo just because you favorite celebrity has it is a little ridiculous.

  • Ipods Now Catering to a Whole New Market

    Maybe it was because Apple was among the first to produce an mp3 player that exuded an incredible cool factor. Maybe it's the size and layout of the device. Maybe it's some phenomenon that remains unexplainable. Whatever the reason the iPod is often the mp3 player of choice for many.

  • Paul Cezanne

    Born in 1839, Paul Cezanne was the illegitimate son of a prosperous hat retailer. As a child, he was an excellent scholar, though not very outgoing. At the age of 20, he studied law for a year before declaring his interest in art to his dominating father. He was eventually allowed to go to Paris to study art, but after six-months, self-doubt leading to bouts of depression forced him to return home. He worked for his father for a year before attempting to resume his career in art.

  • Photo Canvas Prints and Canvas Prints Create a Long Lasting Impression on the Minds of Onlookers

  • Inspiring by Example: Kenneth Schneider Apogee and Aurience

    The Kenneth Schneider Apogee Foundation and Aurience Ltd organizations are the vision of Kenneth Schneider, a philanthropist who seeks to maximize the world's cultural wealth through the development of new collaborative intercultural vehicles. The Kenneth Schneider Apogee organization is a global philanthropy that for more than a decade has been dedicated to discovering, developing and celebrating human creative and spiritual potential- viewing life itself as mankind's highest art- whereas the Kenneth Schneider Aurience organization is an international media and technology firm that uses film, television, interactive media and live events to inspire people to live with high purpose.

  • Tattoo Charity

    When you think of charities you probably don’t even think about tattoos in the same sentence. Well I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find out that this one tattoo parlor in Phoenix was holding a A 15-hour long fundraiser for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. A 30 minute session with one of the tattoo artists from  Living Canvas Tattoos cost only $15! You honesty can not beat that price when an average 30 minute session would probably start at around $60 and up depending on the tattoo artist.

  • Paul Gauguin

    Paul Gauguin was born in Paris in 1848. His father was a radical journalist, and his mother the daughter of a Peruvian-born feminist. At that time, Napoleon had seized power, and his political opponents tended to disappear, so the Gauguin family retreated to Peru. His father died during the journey, but the Gauguins remained in Peru until Paul was eight years old.

  • Celebrity Tattoos: Drew Barrymoore

    Well it is another Wednesday so that means it is celebrity tattoo time. This week I picked Drew Barrymore because she hasa collection of 6 tattoos at the moment. But Drew has admitted that if the mood strikes her she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of getting another one.

  • Choosing Your Tattoo Parlor

    After you have decided to get your tattoo it is an important step in choosing your tattoo parlor. One of the easiest ways to begin is to locate your local tattoo parlors and then take time to visit them. Take a look at the tattoo artist, the shop it's self, and the work stations. Keep an eye open for the tattoo safety procedures the tattoo parlor is using. Also notice how you feel in this tattoo parlor. Do you feel at ease?