Choosing Your Tattoo Parlor

After you have decided to get your tattoo it is an important step in choosing your tattoo parlor. One of the easiest ways to begin is to locate your local tattoo parlors and then take time to visit them. Take a look at the tattoo artist, the shop it's self, and the work stations. Keep an eye open for the tattoo safety procedures the tattoo parlor is using. Also notice how you feel in this tattoo parlor. Do you feel at ease?


A few of the first things that you will or should notice is how does the tattoo parlor look? Not every business can be in a brand new building and that is not what you should consider. Look for how the tattoo parlor looks. Is it clean of is the work stations covered in empty food wrappers and soda cans? For example are the garbage cans over flowing with trash, does the floors need to be mopped or sweep? You can tell if the tattoo parlor is busy and behind the normal cleaning or if this is the way the parlor is on a normally. Tattoo safety is a big concern of the tattoo artist and the person having the tattoo applied. Simple things like single use gloves is a must. Make sure the tattoo artist opens the needle and tube set up from a seal container. The ink should be poured into disposable containers.


If the tattoo artist is busy, either wait or set up an appointment to discuss your tattoo. The artist is there to help you decide how to get your idea developed and applied to your skin. Discussion of size, color, design and location should be agreed by both you and the artist. Remember the tattoo artist is a artist. They work with the equipment and inks and the skin and can help guide you with your ideas. Listen and learn. Do not expect what can not be done. For example, it would not be right to try and talk a tattoo artist into something they do not feel comfortable doing. Like trying to place a lower back tattoo in a small location such as your little finger. Keep it reasonable. If the artist do not want to do a design, find out why, they usually know what they are talking about. The work that the tattoo artist is designed to last a life time. This means the artist whats you to be proud to show off the work of art they have created.

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Several different concerns should be met before choosing your tattoo parlor. Take time to look around the tattoo parlor and determine how the tattoo artist and shop is dealing with the need for tattoo safety, this is only one of the things to know about tattoos.

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