Tattoos and Sun

I have written some about tattoos and sun and how they really don’t mix well. But today I wanted to add a little something that I have not touched on about tattoos and sun. A lot of times people will get tattoos when they are on vacation and a lot of times when you are on vacation you are somewhere, where it is very sunny. This could become a little bit of a problem if you get fresh ink while there or have gotten fresh ink before your trip.

I’m not by all means telling you not to get a tattoo when you are on vacation but you may want to wait until the last day of your vacation so you can avoid the sun. But if that’s not the case there are a few little things you can do. First of all you can cover up the area you got tattooed with an article of clothing or you can simply put a bandage over your tattoo to prevent the sun’s rays from hitting your tattoo. And please please remember that you are not allowed to go swimming with a new tattoo so you will want to refrain from jumping in the pool or ocean.

So if you are dead set on getting a tattoo maybe you should wait until after you have gotten home from vacation that way you will not have to worry about your tattoo getting exposed to the sun. Alsoyou won’t feel left out because you can’t have fun in the pool or ocean. Just remember after your tattooed has healed and it is exposed to the sun to put a high SPF sun tan lotion on it to help prevent the ink from fading.

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