Id Card Lanyards – Advantages of Using Identification Card Lanyards

The most commonly used method to keep track of your ID card involves using a neck chain or an ID card lanyard. You can see there everywhere. Many companies, universities, institutes and airports around the world use them.

If you put your ID card in your wallet or in your pockets there’s a big chance to misplace it or to forget it at home. Not to mention that looking for the card all day long in your pockets can be quite unpleasant. All this will go away when you decide to use a lanyard or a neck chain. Now you will have your ID card with you whenever you’ll need it.

Both a neck chain and a lanyard are used for the same thing. There’s only one difference. Usually the lanyards are made of plastic and have a tiny connector on the end for the card while the neck chains are made of beads or chains. It’s a fashion choice.

As you probably know, some models will hold the ID card in a clear plastic pocket while others use connector clips or punched card holes.

You can customize them as you please. For example on a lanyard you can apply a certain symbol or pattern, a name and so on. That’s why usually schools and universities use lanyards with their logo next to the student’s name.

On the other side, the beaded neck chains are available on metal and plastic painted in various colours. Metal chains are available in numerous bead sizes and lengths while the neck cords are mostly used to display people’s name and ID at industry events or tradeshows. They are very lightweight and cheap.

Usually the companies with many employees use ID cards in order to identify each person. Wearing a lanyard will make the ID card visible all the time, will reduce the chances of loosing it and will ease the identification at security checkpoints.

They are the main item used by access control systems because time has proven their effectiveness to hold badges and keys and to log in and out.

And that’s not all. You can use a lanyard for your mobile phone, your travel documents, your digital camera and the list can continue indefinitely. In other words it’s very useful and you should use them without any worries.

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