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For every action, we have an objective in our minds. The thoughts of an artist get portrayed objectively and from that we understand what the artist had in his mind. It can be landscape drawing, decorative painting, or human forms. In all these forms it is possible to decode the mind of the creator. But, one style which defies this theory is abstract painting and can be seen in some of the exquisite India abstract paintings.

Abstract painting


The figures in an abstract painting are incomplete and the details will be missing. Recognizable objects will be fewer and this is what is represented by Abstract painting. This style of painting has its origins in the Islamic Religion. Followers of Islam were prohibited from depicting human figures. Therefore, they adopted a painting form to connote humans indirectly. This is also considered a relatively difficult style of painting. Though Abstract paintings became popular only in the early parts of the 20th century, India abstract paintings have a deeper history. The Madhubani paintings are classic examples of India abstract Paintings.

Madhubani Painting

Madhubani paintings took to the commercial world only around the 1960s. Until then, it was more a form of decorative art. The great famine in Bihar during 1964/65 compelled its people to look for alternative means of livelihood. The Maithili paintings were among the first to be commercialized. Mythology and religion were mostly the themes employed and in the 21st century, this art form is a source of livelihood to the whole Madhubani community. The background for a typical Madhubani painting uses a mix of cow dung and mud. Rice paste and vegetable colors make the pictures in this background vibrant. The modern Madhubani painter too often uses a cow dung layer with mud paste on the canvas to provide authenticity.


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