No Age Limit for Tattooing in Sweden

If you live in the United States you are probably aware that the legal age for someone to get a tattoo is 18 years old. Well I actually didn’t really give this any thought until I was checking out the tattoo news for today. But apparently in Sweden there is no age limit for someone to get a tattoo. But this could change in the future. Due to some parents of underage (kids under 18) beingfurious about their children coming home with tattoos. One mother went so far as to calling the police. But there is not a law specifying a person has to be to get a tattoo. Here’s what a policeman had to say about that complaint.

“There is nothing in the law which says you are breaking the law if you tattoo someone underage,” Lars Andersson of the Hässleholm police told the paper.

So this got me thinking do you think there should be an age limit on someone getting a tattoo? I personally think their should be. I mean we wouldn’t want 12 year olds walking around with their bodies covered in tattoos would we. I mean as teenagers you change you mind ever week so getting a tattoo before you are 18 could result in a huge regret of whatever you got inked on your body. Plus if you are really set on getting a tattoo as a teenager you will have plenty of time to think about it before you turn 18, so hopefully this will provide a less of a chance of you regretting what you got.

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