No Tattoos at School

Okay, I will admit I’m a little perturb this morning. I read an article this morning stating that a school is having a board meeting sometime this week regarding making a policy about their students HAVING to cover up their tattoos. However, there is some sweet justice to this it seems that the principle of the school doesn’t necessarily have a problem with his students having these tattoos, as long as they are not vulgar or obscene images. He stated that the decision for his students to have tattoos are up to the student and their parents not him. It was stated in this article that tattoos can fall under the dress code and if something is considered disruptive then the principle can take any kind of action he wishes.

I think this is all hogwash. I mean schools make up ridiculous rules that students have to follow. Like for instance when I was in high school you were not allowed to wear tank tops. Yes, you heard me. We are not allowed to wear tank tops. I mean what possible reason could the school have for you not wearing a tank top? This is kind of how I feel about the whole tattoo thing. The students are not hurting anyone and I don’t really see how the tattoo can be disruptive. Yeah some students may stare at it and ask the student who has it about it but after that nothing is going to be said about the tattoo. In my opinion I think its just parents that have nothing else better to do and for some strange reason are living in the dark ages, because tattoos are ACCEPTED in this day and time, so get over it.

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