White Tattoos..what the Heck

I will admit I was scratching my head at this one and I still don’t quit get it. But apparently there is a new tattoo fad among us that I didn’t know about. It seems that white ink tattoos have become some sort overnight success and most have. Popular celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss both have these interestingly new white tattoos. From what I have read, these white tattoos are applied with a regular tattoo gun but the ink that is used is thicker and of a higher quality than normal to stand out on the skin.

Reality TV star Jasmine Lennard, is the newest person to get hooked in this latest tend. she said,

“Everyone in LA is having the tattoos so I just had to have one. I saw Lindsay Lohan had one and it looked so pretty I asked her where she got it. She told me to go to the Shamrock. At first I was terrified to go because I thought it looked like a branding rather than a tattoo.”

“The tattoo was red after it was done but I love the design because it’s subtle and you don’t really see it unless you are looking for it, which is the charm of the whole thing.”

“Lots of stars have them. I was told Kate Moss has white ink hearts all up the side of her body.”

There are some downsides to these white tattoos though, for one you absolutely can not have them exposed to the sun. Secondly, they fade almost twice as fast as a regular tattoos and lastly it is advised not to get a white tattoo if you have very light colored skin because it will just end up looking like scar tissue and not a tattoo. I will admit to everyone I just don’t know about this new tattoo trend. I think it looks like you have literally branded yourself.

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